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About me

Cristina Salvador

I am moved by provoking positive connections. Empathy, transformation, inclusion, arts and culture are my levers to achieve it. My secret weapon: curiosity. I love exploring and finding new ways, new paths, new solutions.

My purpose is to build a world which is more human, more authentic, fairer and more sustainable. Communication is the way to accomplish it. The stories we tell ourselves, our memories and our identity is pure narrative. Communicate positively so that your reality is so too.

I encourage you to generate positive connections to change your world. In this way, together, we will build a more human and sustainable world.

I have received formal training in disciplines such as journalism, international relations, business administration, digital transformation and personal development. I have been working in communication for 25 years for multinational companies, cultural and social organizations… I was Director of Communications at the José Carreras International Leukaemia Foundation (www.fcarreras.org) and, 20 years ago, I founded my own agency: Both People & Comms (weareboth.com). I have visited more than 60 countries. I speak several languages. I am passionate about art, nature, family, friendship and stories. I am a mother hoping to transmit the curiosity about life and empathy to my daughter. In the future, I want to write and teach what I have been lucky to learn.

I impart conferences and seminars in universities, social and cultural entities, media outlets and companies such as Novartis, Zurich, Oxfam, SEAT, Veepee, Sanofi, Almirall, Bayer, BASF, Roca, Suez… I am a startup mentor and a social project collaborator. I am a booster of events such as the Internal Comms Day, WomanZ, Womanthon, CultHunting, Mobile Week… Member of the Board of the Marketing Club of Barcelona and the Association of Journalists of Catalonia.